ebCTF is over! Congrats to the winners int3pids, Dragon Sector, and "The Cat is #1!!", we will contact you shortly. A big thank you to all the people that played, and we look forward to reading your writeups!

ebCTF took place from Friday the 2nd of August 12:00 till Sunday the 4th of August 0:00 (CEST / UTC+2 / total of 36 hours). Registration is no longer open. For post-game updates you can follow us on twitter (@EB_ctf) or join us in #ebctf on freenode.


We had a great time organizing it and hanging out in our ebCTF hideout on OHM2013. We hoped you enjoyed our CTF, the beanbags, free drinks, lockpicking, the beerpong and our lights, laser and smoke machine. We will certainly miss those things.

We would like to thank:

  • The OHM2013 organization for organising a great event and giving our tent a prime location on the field!
  • Our two sponsors Pine and Deloitte for making ebCTF possible and providing free drinks in our ebCTF hidout!
  • The NFI (Netherlands Forensic Institute) for providing some real forensic challenges.
  • The 506 teams competing in this competition
  • And everyone else who helped us in some way

We will bring the game environment online in the near future for a couple of weeks running on cheaper iron. We will also release our sources and write ups of all challenges, although we would still like to see more write ups from you.

For questions or comments, please come visit us on IRC in #ebctf on freenode.

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