Challenge FOR200 “GPS Navigation”

An investigation was started on a GPS navigation system. A copy was made of its internal memory.

The flag for this challenge is divided in 4 parts. You'll need to answer the following questions:
1. What GPS coordinates did the device navigate to in the past?
- HINT: You'll want to plot them - the answer for this part should then be obvious.
- HINT: Here's one to get you started: 5.213750, 52.090630 = 9ff40700, e77b4f00

2. With what Bluetooth mobile phones did the navigation system pair? The first 4 hex bytes of the BTID of Nok7 are what you're looking for.
- If the BT MAC is 01:02:03:04:05:06, the answer for this part would be 01020304

3. Find the device's 'Favorites'. The longitude of the fourth favorite is the following 8 digits.
- This is the longitude, as it appears in the file itself, in ASCII hex, ie. DE AD BE EF --> DEADBEEF

4. What are the contents of any SMS messages stored on the device?
- Read the messages

NOTE: You will end up with a flag 'ebCTF={<32-hex'. We screwed up. Please submit it as 'ebCTF{<32-hex>}'.

BONUS question from the challenge author (not part of the CTF)
- Wat would you do to get access to this kind of navigation system, and do you have an idea how the image of this device is made?
Send your answer to or if you're at OHM, come to the NFI tent (Garrison village) and ask for Mark (with a K).

Archive password: fslfM1vjag8pblgQ

The game is over. You can no longer submit flags for this challenge.