Challenge FOR400 “Dead drop”

An old iPhone was found in a pocket on the body of a homicide victim. The police team investigating the crime used a commercial tool (“UFED Physical Analyser”) for physical extraction of the iPhone’s flash memory. It is suspected that the victim might have been a spy. If true, the iPhone likely contains information about a dead drop location used to pass items between the spy and his case officer. The dead drop location likely contains crucial information, however the police was unable to find any clues supporting this scenario in the memory image, so they send the data to a forensic laboratory for further examination.

You are now working for that forensic laboratory.

HINT from your friends at SIGINT: Our PRISM lookup suggests the hostile agency is regularly using Google's services. Perhaps they're using it as some kind of digital dead drop? You'll probably be able to tell after extracting any interesting information from the victim's phone.

Archive password: JO0nvhzjwywwu8ts

The game is over. You can no longer submit flags for this challenge.